NemeStats (as in "Nemesis Statistics") is a free web application for logging games played among a relatively stable group of players. It takes only a moment and will give you statistics on your win percentage, average rank in games, who is your Nemesis and who is your Minion, etc. When you register, a new "Gaming Group" will be created where you and other players in your group can watch your statistics materialize over time.
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Android app player statistics don't show up.

Not sure if the app if still under construction but essentially it only records plays. There are no stats like on the desktop site for each player.
Jaron, 17.04.2019, 22:28
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The game Imaginarium has "0 min" as an average game time, leading to really few NemePoints compared to other games. Possible to set it to "90min" as suggested on the box?
Dwarliz, 21.06.2019, 10:01
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"Players" Tab won't load.

260 plays, 63 players. Blue spinning wheel for eternity. Is that too many people and causing infinite load times? Can I fix this?
Frank Judnick, 16.07.2019, 16:56
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when you view a game in your gaming group to also be able to see the Top 5 or 10 scores and maybe the average of scores for players in that group for the game.

Stephen Wright, 23.07.2019, 02:40
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Ability to record each player's score in a game

Right now you can only enter a player's rank. It would be nice to be able to record a player's score and automatically rank the players based on that. This could also open up stats on the game definition page like High Score, Average Score, etc.
Jake Gordon, 07.03.2016, 20:32
9 votes Vote

Unable to delete non-user names

Can't find where to click to delete unwanted users in a group. Specifically referring to non-registered in this situation.
Gab, 06.04.2016, 00:22
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Delete attempts gives me the "Oh Crap!" error

I am assuming the user has been associated with a record somewhere else and so you have a dependency, some kind of referential integrity check. I *think* I reported this before but could not find any evidence that I had done. I have made all of...
jasonwelker, 30.09.2016, 09:06
4 votes Vote

Improve the Social Media sharing adding BGG thumbnail

Add the facebook share option adding the BGG thumbnail as attachment. Could be nice to show the share buttons when you create a played game to encourage the user to share
vfportero, 03.11.2015, 16:40
3 votes Vote

Hi, My group love this tracking system, would it be possible to view the nemepoints obtained by date played ? We do tournements days and that would help us track winners of individual days, thanks!

Mathiew, 06.12.2015, 19:30
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We played our first game of Pandemic Legacy and we all won, however it still chose one of us as the Champion... Shouldn't it recognize that we are all tied?

Champions shouldn't be awarded if everyone has the same wins in a game (especially when it's a co-operative game) Also, it might be nice if you added a button to not have Champions in a games settings.
Cortney Sauk, 07.03.2016, 22:48
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no game image

Some of the games on our groups game list do not have a representative image. How can we add these?
Response from the site administrator
vfportero, 11.03.2016
Hi Gab!

All the games data must be completed now, can we check on your gaming groups?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Regards, VĂ­ctor
Gab, 09.03.2016, 22:51
2 votes Vote

minimum for game champion

I suggest a minimum number of wins to become a game's champion. I believe currently it starts with the first person to win the game, then who ever wins more times. You should have a minimum of at least 2 wins to be named the first "champion".
Gab, 18.04.2016, 23:20
1 comment
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Ability to delete a redundant gaming group.

I'd like to be able to delete a redundant gaming group. The way the app integrates with the iOS app 'BG Stats' means having multiple groups is cumbersome to work with.
Martin Jeffreys, 30.08.2016, 04:59
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See all games played on the entire site

Could have a page that lists all of the games being played on the site within the last X days. This way we could see what games are trending.
Response from the site administrator
nemestats, 27.02.2016
We added a trending games widget to the home page.
nemestats, 05.11.2015, 21:30
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Record multiple games with a single submission

I often record multiple games in a single session. Currently I have to enter the details for the first game, submit the form, navigate back to the form, fill in the details for the second game, submit the form, etc. It would be helpful to be able...
Kevin Rak, 28.03.2016, 11:59
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smile/frown icon not shown in individual info

When looking at groups gaming info: when you all win = smile icon for everyone when you all lose = frown icon for everyone When looking at individual gaming info: all win or all lose icons replaced by 1st, 2nd, etc. (But scores are still...
Gab, 29.03.2016, 00:01
1 comment
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I absolutely love this idea. My friends are constantly in arguement in who is best. This helps keep track for us to answer that question

Kevin, 05.11.2015, 17:55
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neme icon drops a line

When my awarded points comes to a three figure number the neme icon drops to the line below. Not sure if this is just my browser or if it's your site. Example is on 6th November 2015 I played a game of RISK 2210 and received 117 points. Let me...
Response from the site administrator
vfportero, 07.04.2016
Hi Gab!

On the game page or the play page?

Anyway, we're working on check all the styling to try to the website renders well on any browser/device.

This is the issue:

Thanks for the feedback.
Gab, 06.04.2016, 18:46

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