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Move Game Plays from the default Gaming Group to another Group.

I use BGStats to record all my games. The integration with NemeStats is excellent. However, I would like to keep my real world games and my real world friends' games separate from my on-line games - those played at BGA and Yucata - because it is rare to actually play against the same on-line players very often. Thier stats get in the way of my games against friends.

BGStats does not support this at the moment. (See http://nemestats.idea.informer.com/proj/?ia=99493 for an idea to get around that)

So when I record a Game Play and it is stored in my default Gaming Group, I would like to be able to manually move the Game Play to another group that I have created in my area.

AndrewH, 17.10.2018, 10:51
Idea status: under consideration


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