- Add game expansions as optional when create a played game

When you add a game to your gaming group must be a "base" game (example: Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game).
Then, if there are any expansion for this game, the web must ask for possible expansions that you have (example: "Fame and Fortune" or "Wisdom and Warfare") to choose any of them.

When you add a play with a game with expansions, you can add any expansion for that particular played game and register as a data to make better stats.

Author: vfportero, 03.11.2015, 08:56
Idea status: under consideration


Gab, 02.04.2016, 05:02
I strongly agree with adding this functionality.
Have a button / drop-menu to add expansions to a base-game entry.

You need to consider how this will effect game multipliers for nemepoints.
Expansions can make games harder and / or longer, and this needs to be reflected when one OR MORE expansions are included.

Exactly how to incorporate this "expansion effect" on nemepoints is above my head, so I leave it in your capable hands.

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