- 1 vs all // semi co-op games

I would also like to suggest the ability to score in traitor / semi co-op / 1 vs all games.
eg - Dead of Winter (w Traitor) // Fury of Dracula etc

Would be good to select a 1 vs all format (once that was apparent in a game with traitor) and for the "All" part - select the players that were in that team. The other player being in the "1"

Though - see my suggestion for team scoring formats...this could also be used for the above scenarios if it is created.
Team 1 could be populated with just 1 player and team 2 could be filled with all the others.
The "winning side" has all applicable players credited with the win or loss and vice versa.

Author: Dollarvalue, 20.09.2016, 03:42
Idea status: under consideration


nemestats, 12.01.2018, 22:01
The trade-off of implementing this is that it may cause additional clutter in the UI with yet another option for scoring... and the workaround is fairly easy: mark the traitor with a rank of "1" (or "2") and rank all the other players with a "2" (or "1"). Unless this gets a lot more activity we probably won't get to this one anytime soon.

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