- record solo games

I can't add a game with less than two players, but I do a lot of solo gaming. I keep track in BGStats and BGG, but can't add them here.

I'd like to see that functionality added/enabled.

Author: Paige C. Watson, 05.08.2016, 17:06
Idea status: under consideration


JessPM, 02.03.2020, 10:43
I'd like to avoid duplicated discussion, so how to make this suggestion coming again on the table? I'd like to record solo games too, like my last game of One Deck Dungeon, but there is no automa or robot in the game. So who is the second player?
Morbus Iff, 10.03.2020, 08:15
The second player would be the "Game" itself, who wins or loses based on whether you win or lose (i.e., "Morbus Iff vs. the Game AI"). That's how I'd simulate solo records here.

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