- Import plays from BGG

It's nice to be able to import my game collection from BGG but I have 6 years of board game play history that I want to import.

Author: Alex Mauer, 20.07.2016, 15:10
Idea status: under consideration


David Roy, 22.07.2016, 10:53
I fully support this!
nemestats, 25.07.2016, 21:21
We definitely plan to add this but it's a fairly complicated task since BGG doesn't necessarily store all of the information we need to do statistics properly. NemeStats uses the rank of each player as opposed to just the winner(s), so we have to come up with a good solution to that problem if we are going to bulk import. It's definitely a high-demand feature and in the plans.
torsten, 22.09.2019, 02:50
I fully support this!

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