- 10x10 challenge error?

My 10x10 2016 challenge medal says I have so far played only 3 games 10 times, while I know I have played 5 games 10 times so far. After investigating I can see this medal doesn't go across gaming groups, it is group specific. This is ridiculous, it HAS TO BE an across-all-groups medal. You call it the BGG 10x10 challenge. I can assure you I will have earnt the badge for that from BGG before the years through, yet I won't have it on here as it isn't programmed correctly. This needs to be fixed or renamed as something like "Neme Group 10x10 Challenge" otherwise it's false advertising!

Author: Gab, 21.06.2016, 20:31
Idea status: scheduled


nemestats, 24.06.2016, 20:58
Hi Gab,

Don't worry, we'll update it to work across gaming groups. I'll probably need a week or two to get around to it but please be patient. You'll get your badge :)

nemestats, 22.07.2016, 22:49
Gab, we didn't forget about you! This is still in the works but we just launched integration with Board Game Stats App, so we are working out some issues there. We are planning on overhauling the achievement system to have user-level achievements. I just wanted to give you an update so you didn't think we were blatantly neglecting this.
Gab, 01.01.2017, 15:11
Good to know it's in the works :)
FYI I have completed the challenge and will get my badge on BGG any day now.
Here on nemestats it says I have done 7/10 games.

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