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Hi, My group love this tracking system, would it be possible to view the nemepoints obtained by date played ? We do tournements days and that would help us track winners of individual days, thanks!

Mathiew , 06.12.2015, 20:30
Idea status: completed


nemestats, 17.12.2015, 13:09
This is certainly something we could do. We'll discuss the feature internally and put it on deck. Thanks for the idea!
vfportero, 29.12.2015, 15:35
Hi Mathiew!

The feature is ready to be implemented!


We hope to have it ready as soon as possible.

Thanks for your feedback.

Mathiew, 30.12.2015, 21:48
Awesome! Can't wait to try it and give you some feedback! - Thanks!
nemestats, 16.01.2016, 23:47
The feature is now implemented on the "My Gaming Group" page. Please check it out and let us know what you thinks! Thanks for the great idea.

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