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Unable to delete non-user names

Can't find where to click to delete unwanted users in a group.
Specifically referring to non-registered in this situation.

Gab , 06.04.2016, 01:22
Idea status: completed


Gab, 06.04.2016, 02:02
The problem of being unable to delete an entry also applies to games added to a group.
Gab, 06.04.2016, 02:06
If your concerned people may try to delete a name that is logged within gaming sessions, then just either state a warning when someone wants to delete one or prohibit deletions if name has 1 or more games played. If zero plays then should be allowed to delete the entry.
nemestats, 25.07.2016, 21:19
We will definitely add features for deleting gaming groups, games, and players. We just added the ability to delete a Player if it doesn't have any games but we'll keep adding more powerful/permanent delete options in the coming months as there is a high demand for this.
nemestats, 04.11.2016, 14:45
You can now delete players so long as they have no played games associated with them.

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